IGOT7s of India Celebrate Huge for GOT7’s 6th Debut Anniversary!


Indian Ahgases nest stronger and wiser to celebrate the 6th debut anniversary of GOT7 in a thoughtful way.

GOT7 fans of India can never perform less when it comes to trending, streaming, screaming and above all hosting versatile projects for their beloved Idols. With January 16 marking the 6th debut anniversary of GOT7, the fandom was on full swing to celebrate the day in a grand and thoughtful way.

The Video Project!


Being one of the most populated fandoms in India, GOT7 Mission India brought together their baby chicks to bring out a beautiful 8 minutes video reflecting on how GOT7 changed their lives. Testimonies from college girls, teens, school kids and even from working women elevate the emotions of every viewer.

The video also brought in clips of the septet’s happy moments making us sentimental during the video. The genuine appreciation and gratitude from the fans is just a glimpse of what the group meant to them. The video was released on the day of anniversary in their YouTube channel.

Adding up to the thoughtful thank you video from the fandom, small clans of baby birds decided to get together for a short greet and meet.

Manipur Ahgases Meet!

“Honestly, we planned on taking a break from activities and projects this year but watching GOT7 doing wonders, we couldn’t resist,” says Crystal, one of the admins of Manipur IGOT7s. The plan of hosting the event went around a month where the hosts and members gave much importance on little things as merchandise, posters, flex and food. The fanclub which started with 5 members initially has now branched into a huge hub now.

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The main motto of the event was bonding and to have fun in the name of GOT7. “We had a small meet in a café. The event continued with dance and songs, as we finally snnaped pretty photos in the end. We are extremely lucky to have a family like this and we would like to thank GOT7 for making us meet such amazing people,” adds Crystal as she excitedly shares the fruits of hosting the event.

Nagpur Ahgases Meet!

IGOT7s from Nagpur decided to meet prior to the anniversary day, as they hosted a meet to celebrate the leader, JB’s birthday and GOT7’s Anniversary. The birds’ clan greeted each other on 5th of January in a sweet café. Two weeks of preparation and advertising helped the admins to bring a solid crowd to the event.

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 “We were not these many people initially. We were part of Korean Fan Club in Nagpur and later decided to start a new wing for GOT7. We started a WhatsApp group and as days went on, people started coming together,” says Sulaxshana, an admin from the Nagpur team.

The meet was a huge success as IGOT7s got together and had a lot of fun cutting cakes and fangiriling together. Thanks to IKFC for pulling in some funds to make this event happen.

Yet To Happen Chennai Meet!

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The celebration doesn’t end with a video and petit meets but continues, as ahgases from Chennai have decided to donate a quality fund amount to the special and differently abled children. The group will be meeting the kids on 19th of January to send love and support in the name of GOT7. As dreamers and future generation, IGOT7s have decided to reach out to the fellow dreamers and give them a hand to lift them up.

“The significance which is in unity is an eternal wonder.”Rabindranath Tagore

As Tagore said we witnessed the power of unity and togetherness work in the lives of many as Ahgases decided to be there for each other. With this meaningful celebration, it is ones again proved that K-pop can change, mould and create a better human. This small act of kindness and love does reflect on the idol group’s success as role models and inspirations.

Personally, being an Ahgase myself, all I wanted to say is, “I am so proud of where I belong.” These little initiatives are sure to bring great wonders in the future. Thank you, Indian Ahgases for making January 16 a more meaningful day of celebration. Thank you for making GOT7 proud.


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