Ikon debut full length album to be out on Christmas Eve!!

Welcome Back..says Ikon!!

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YG Entertainment rookie boy band Ikon is set to release their first full length album ‘Welcome Back on December 24th.

IKON ‘s  full length album which was being delayed for a while now and this news has definitely lightened up the mood of fans. Ikon Official Facebook page was thronged by messages from worldwide fans welcoming the news.

An agency official stated that the debut album which was to be released on November 14th earlier got delayed as there are some new title tracks to be added in the album. The album shall also include two MV’s as mentioned on Ikon ‘s album jacket cover.

Ikon proved from day one that they are no joke when it comes to music.The YG rookies who debuted earlier this year on October 1st with their Debut Half Album – Welcome Back held a sold out debut concert Showtime on October 3rd at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena with about 13000 fans.The show was broadcasted live on Naver’s ‘V’ app with over 500,000 viewers in real time and the numbers definitely depict what an impact IKON has been making in K-POP scene.

Even before Ikon ‘s official debut , the group went on to win MBC’s Music Core edition on 26th September 2015 with the single My Type. No doubt Ikon was one of the most anticipated debuts of 2015.Their music is uniquely addictive.

If this news still does not hit the ceiling for you, let us tell you the new album shall include a title track composed by member B.I himself as Christmas present for the fans.

Ikon fans , its time to eat,sleep and breathe IKON!!!

Picture Credit- YG Life


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