iKON releases teasers for debut full album ‘Welcome Back’ + shooting for new MV!

Get ready for iKON's debut full length album, 'Welcome Back' as they tease you with teasers for two title track!


YG Entertainment’s monster rookies, iKON surely knows how to keep their fandom anticipated! After announcing the date of the release of their full length debut album, as a last minute decision by CEO Yang Hyun Suk, 2 days prior the scheduled date of teaser release, it was decided that iKON should have two title track and hence, YG Entertainment released teaser pictures of iKON for their two title tracks from their upcoming debut full length album ‘Welcome Back’.

The two title tracks are titled as “Dumb and Dumber” and “Whats Wrong” and the details of the tracks are provided in the teasers.

iKON is also reportedly filming for the MV of ‘What’s Wrong?’ which was an additional title track after the last minute decision of YG Entertainment CEO.  The MV is being filmed for 3 days at Seoul. The track has been described as a fast, powerful and energetic rock song and according to a representative of YG Entertainment, the song goes well with the year end sentiments and Christmas!

As of now, iKON has released 5 music videos before their full length debut album and have been gaining great reviews for it, no wonder they are dubbed as monster rookies!

iKON’s first debut full length album is expected to release on December 24th and for the fandom of iKON known as iKONICs, they surely are eager to celebrate Christmas with the boys!


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