iKOn’s Bobby is soon coming to you!!

Kpop India

Another long awaited release is coming closer.

YG Entertainment released a teaser of iKon’s Bobby announcing that he’ll be releasing something soon.The teaser image was uploaded through the blog and SNS of YG Entertainment. Though it was not announced at first if it’s his solo debut or his collaboration with Winner’s Song Mino, which they recently finished filming the music video for, when YG uploaded the next set of images without any sign of Mino.

Kpop India {kpop-india}iKOn’s Bobby is soon coming to you!!Bobby 1 197x300

I wonder if that scribbling on the picture is the lyrics to his new song.

Kpop India {kpop-india}iKOn’s Bobby is soon coming to you!!Bobby2 197x300

All I can see is Black, White and Orange… Are they making another season of “Orange is the new black”??

Bobby came into the spotlight when he appeared in “Show me the money 3”, while he was just 19 years old and won the first place. His solo tracks for the said show did extremely well on the charts and are the reason for some high expectations from him in the future.


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