iKon’s Bobby’s solo debut date released!!

Kpop India

After YG released the Solo Debut date for Winner’s Song Min Ho (September 8), the debut date for iKon’s bobby was also released.

Previously, YG entertainment released teaser images of Bobby with the caption “Coming Soon”. It was not clear if this was going to be his solo debut or his collaboration with Winner’s Song Min Ho, but the latest picture that was uploaded has “BOBBY=20160907” written on it which means that Bobby will be debuting on 7 September (a day before Min Ho), therefore, this is not a collaboration.

Kpop India {kpop-india}iKon’s Bobby’s solo debut date released!!Bobby 197x300

Well, we should not lose hope, they can release their collaboration song after their solo debuts. You never know what turn it can take considering YG is involved here.

Stay tuned for more teasers and information regarding their solo debuts.


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