IMFACT 200th Day Special!

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On August 13th, the boy group, IMFACT celebrated their 200th day since debut through a live broadcast on Naver’s V app.

The boys spent time talking to the fans about their anniversary, cutting cake and also goofing around on the broadcast.

Just wait here, the best part of the broadcast is yet to come!

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I believe now is the time for the IMFACT fandom to rejoice! Why? Hello there my lovely mates, the fandom now has an official name!
*Drum rolls*
And it is ‘IF’!

Are you wondering what it stands for? Fear not, you are at the right place. I will tell you all…

‘IF’ means that the boys, IMFACT (I) and the fans (F) are together one!
The boys went on to say that they were very happy with this name as it implies that they can never be separated from their fans and also it sums up all the possibilities of their future. Hence ‘IF’!

We congratulate IMFACT for their anniversary and wish them the best!


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