IMFACT is all handsome for International BNT!

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Star Empire new boy group IMFACT shows off their good looks with International BNT!

They also revealed few candid facts about them so that fans knows them better. They talked about their trainee days, their role model and how they got interested in becoming singer.

Leader Lee Jian revealed that he was an active back up dancer for B1A4 prior to IMFACT. He also worked with Juniel. Lee Sang revealed that his father was close friend of Star Empire’s CEO. In the past, he used to play guitar which led him to be the part of Star Empire’s trainee.

Ungjae told that he grew up in an environment where his aunt would keep on playing Epik High‘s music and they inspired him to do rap and also composing and piano. Taeho revealed that he has been active part of concert and performance as he was part of Kim Hyun Chul‘s ‘Kids Pop Project,’. He also won several dance competition.He also revealed that it was his father’s wish that he become a singer. He has been part of MBK and and Happy Face in past.

Jeup revealed that he is trained in tae kwon do under his parents because he was a shy kid. He also revealed that he has been part of his national team in his freshman year in high school.

They also talked about how hard their training days were. They shared an incident in which they were all practicing hard and did not have their cellphones. But the weather was so tempting that they decided to gi to Lotte World on their on accord. When they went to the subway, they got scared and called their chief.

They also revealed that if there is any misunderstanding in the group, they sit and talk it out. They handle it maturely and hear everybody out. This resulted in the great teamwork they have now.

IMFACT also talked about their role models who inspire them to become better every time. Jian chose Swings, Lee Sang chose Justin Bieber and Big Bang’s Taeyang, Taeho chose Michael Jackson, and Ungjae chose Epik High’s Tablo and Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

IMFACT debuted on January 27 with “LOLLIPOP”. They are receiving lots of love from everybody.

Check out the photoshoot below:


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