IMFACT reveal tracklist to debut single + drops teaser to “Lollipop!!”

Get ready to roll with IMFACT!!!

Kpop India

As the D-day nears IMFACT is gearing up for their debut and have been teasing fans with members teaser videos, posters and teaser images.

On January 18th IMFACT revealed the tracklist to their debut single via their official twitter. The tracklist contains four songs as mentioned in the poster below with participation from the members themselves in writing lyrics, rap making to even composing. The four tracks on the upcoming debut single album are – I’M Fact, Lollipop, Shine and Thug.

Kpop India

More and more updates are being released by Star Empire for the countdown to IMFACT’s debut. Fans who have been counting days for the group’s debut were in for a treat when, IMFACT dropped a teaser to their debut single “Lollipop” on January 19th via Naver TvCast. Take a look at the teaser here. The teaser shows member Lee Sang playing a melody on the guitar arousing curiosity amongst the fans who are greatly anticipating their debut.

We surely can’t wait to see the boys up on stage now…can you???


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