Is India Ready For Its Very Own First K-Pop Star? – Priyanka & Sid Takes On The Races With Z-Pop Dream Project!

Kpop India

India has become a growing hub for Hallyu and over the years, the love for K-pop or K-entertainment and Lifestyle has taken its deeper roots in India. Each year, we see the growth of the fans across the country.

The annual K-Pop Contest India which is the highlight event for the K-pop fans in India, has majorly contributed in boosting its growth. Various K-pop artist and groups have had their concert and fan-meets under Korean Cultural Centre India and Pink Box Entertainment. The contest itself has brought together many talented youths and fans, to showcase their talent and also provided a platform to compete globally as well.

Our very own Priyanka Mazumdar, who is now one of the members of Z-girls under Z-pop Dream Project was once, one of the participants of the contest. She went on to win the K-POP Contest India, 2016 under the vocal category and represented India at the K-POP World Festival in Changwon, South Korea where she bagged the “Excellent Vocal” award under the vocal category the same year.

SID aka Siddhant Arora, relatively new face to K-pop scene is one of the member of the Z-boys. Despite, his fresh entry to K-pop, he is quite popular among the Indian YouTube scene with his covers on popular Bollywood songs.

Priyanka and Sid are now members of a global idol group respectively under Z-POP Dream, a global entertainment platform based in South Korea. They are are set to debut as an idol group, Z-Girls which will feature Priyanka, Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Queen, and Vanya. Meanwhile, Z-Boys will feature Sid, Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry and Roy.

Z-Pop Dream is headed by veteran music industry expert Jun Kang along with a global elite team & advisers from Music and entertainment business industry like, Grace Lee, Jun Ho Jung, Daisuke Imai etc and business advisers like Robby Schwertner, Pankajj Ghode, Jonathan Serbin etc. The agency stated that it would make use of blockchain technology to discover the next K-pop superstar and build infrastructure in the pop music scene which includes Star Academies and the Z-POP Dream Audition in 10 territories: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain platform, Z-POP will allow fans to vote for their favorite singers in events like auditions and award ceremonies in a more transparent and trustworthy way. The company said the use of blockchain technology will accelerate a new star’s rise to stardom and create an K-pop ecosystem within the $46 billion global music market.

Z-Pop Dream CEO Jun Kang in a statement “With our outstanding team of industry veterans and proven track record, breaching the global music stage will no longer be just a pipe dream for local artists aspiring to showcase their talent to the world.

Check out the the introduction of Z-Girls and Z-Boys members below

As of now, Z-Girls and Z-Boys are scheduled to make their debut on February 23rd at a concert titled ‘Z-Pop Dream Live In Seoul.’ There are no indications as to what the music will sound like or what the groups’ final names and concepts will be. Z-Pop Dream’s website also states the project is a temporary one which will last just four months, which finally begs the question: What will happen to these idols after that?

Having said that, are you excited as we are for this project with Priyanka and Sid?. Stay tuned for more!

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