India To Receive 24K Concert


Boy group 24K to have their first concert in India!

As part of the upcoming world tour I 24 U, 24K will be having their first concert in India on March 24th in Bengaluru.

24K officially debuted as a six member group back in 2012 with their EP ‘Hurry Up’. The group under went a series of change in the line-up over the years. Recently, Cory (former leader) exited the group after completion of his contract.

Currently, the group has 5 active members – Jeonguk, Changsun, Jinhong, Hongseob and Kiyong. Announcement of India’s concert came on March 6, when they released a video on them visiting India for their Tour. The act revealed their world tour I 24 U schedules, marking India as one of the stops for the first time. Check out their announcement below

The program was made possible by IndHangul, a community for K-pop and k-drama Indian fans. With the concert just round thzcorner, Indian 24Us are already hyped to meet their beloved Idols.

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Choeun Entertainment

Here are few reactions from our fellow K-poppers about 24K concert –

I am so happy about a k-pop concert in India. It is a dream for many Indian K-pop fans. So with this step, I hope many groups will visit India.” – Jemima, from Tamil Nadu

It is good to see more K-pop groups coming to India. It gives me hope that more K-pop groups will visit in future.” – Anju, from Kerala

24K is having a concert in India! It is good to know that k-pop is gaining popularity slowly in India. I am so happy for our Indian 24Us because they are going to live their dream. Thank you to 24K for planning to have a concert in India. I wish them a successful and enjoyable concert.” – Priyanka Kataria, from Jabalpur.

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