Indian Ahgases Celebrate Jackson On His Day!


“To be celebrated for being born is a mere blessing”, keeping this in mind our desi IGOT7s decided to celebrate GOT7 Jackson’s birthday in a whole new level.

Being one of the very known and established fandoms, GOT7 Mission India has always found unique and explicit ways to celebrate their favourite boys. With many successful missions and projects in line, the baby birds once again brought an interesting event in order to celebrate Wang’s 25th birthday.

A Tribute Video

The Ahgases prepared a tribute video out of love. The video displayed members reaching out to flower venders in the streets of Chennai and asking them to wish and bless their Idol. The shopkeepers and venders were given sweets and savouries to mark it as a special day. In addition, Ahgases from different parts of the country confessed their love and affection to their beloved senor. The four minute video compiled with wishes and pictures of Jackson could melt the hearts of the viewers.


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The new nested baby birds of Manipur also had their first meet with regard to the birthday celebration. The admins sketched a meeting and made it happen with dozens of beautiful memories to take home. The fam had a get together were they blew candles on behalf of Jackson and shared some delicious home-made Korean food.

“Today was more like a family time. We had so much fun and enjoyed together. We are really grateful to everyone who came and also helped us to make this event a successful one. Doing small things for our boys make us happy.” – Admin Crystal

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With Jackson shouting out his interest on India every time, the swamp wanted to return to him a massive favour for remembering them. In spite of being in distant places, the group has always managed to bring out jaw dropping projects. Back in 2017, Jackson became the first k-pop Idol to own a billboard for his birthday. In2018, IGOT7s became more thoughtful by organizing an awareness camp for the use of sanitary napkins and menstrual health in association with ST Xaviers College Kolkata we also distributed packets of sanitary napkins to the needed just so they could understand its importance and their health benefits from it.

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Few ahgases even shared their thought messages and wishes for Jackson with us and here they are for you.

“Happy Birthday Jackson Wang!! Always keep smiling we will be with you in all you decisions all we want is your happiness! Thanks for being born and entering into my life wangae!! Eat a lot and stay fluffy, take enough rest and Stay blessed ❤”  – Raashmi from Tamil Nadu

What would I do without you
A treasure in my life that
No one can take away
Getting to be a fan of yours is a Blessing.

Jackson you’re
An angel that
Changed my life a
King that
Shines brighter than anyone , you are my
O sole mio that I can
Never ever let go of

Thank you for everything Jackson , you’ve always been someone that gave me a stress free day ,you are one of the reason that helps me out of depression and loneliness. Keep going strong , YOU GOT ME FEELING LIKE A PAPILLON 🔥 – Kaushika from Tamil Nadu

Inclusive of such amazing projects, the fandom depicts a promise for the stable love for their beloved GOT7. With much more to come, let us all hope to meet GOT7 soon in India.


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