Indian IGOT7s Sketch their Love for #TEAMWANGIs3


“TEAM WANG represents not just a label, a brand but an attitude, a vision, a spirit and also an energy in passion towards life.” – Jackson Wang

TEAM WANG, the small seed with great dreams instilled by Jackson Wang is much of pride to the singer as well as his fans. Walking into the fourth year, the label has grown a lot through the years and has inspired many to aspire and achieve. Started on June 26, 2017, TEAM WANG has been in charge of all of Jackson’s solo activities in China. From producing to branding, the team has been sailing with dedication. The team is more of a precious treasure to the fandom, as Jackson himself has his hand in bringing up the company and expanding it in various divisions from music, fashion and production.

This year has been more special to the collective efforts of the team as they got to partner with 88rising, an Asian media company and release the hit single, “100 Ways.” The track’s reception was much greater than expected as Jackson Wang became the first Chinese solo artist to debut on Mediabase’s Top 40 radio chart. Embarking their third anniversary with bigger dreams and vision, TEAM WANG is currently to initiate a new brand design and will be putting up a pop-up store in July at Shanghai, China. To add much more excitement to the fans, the team and the singer hinted on making it global soon.

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Pop up store and global release coming soon. Stay tuned

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The Fans’ Celebration!

With love, fans flooded the promo posts with positive messages and shared their excitement for the upcoming projects. At 00:00 KST, IGOT7s took their social media platforms to trend the hashtag “#TEAMWANGIs3” worldwide and expressed their gratitude for the consistent work of the label.

Indian Ahgases (fans of GOT7) on the other hand launched a fan project video featuring fans’ love in the form of drawings and paintings. “We got above thirty submissions,” says Jemima, one of the admins who advocated the project. The colourful artworks including pencil sketches, chibi drawings and hand letterings were compiled together in a video.

Check out the fans’ project here!

Indian IGOT7s’ Messages

Adding up to the beautiful project, fans also shared their heartwarming messages congratulating Jackson and his team!

“Thank you for being a great teacher and for letting us know how to be a better person n believe your worth to become anything you want… Thank you for teaching us to have passion for a dream… Love you with all my heart… Congratulations on ur 3 years of Being successful person… Happy 3rd Anniversary Team Wang.”Manisha, ( Assam) India

“Jackson what you have started takes an immense amount of courage, passion and dedication. You inspire me to become better me. You inspire me to make my own history! I am here to stay forever as TEAM WANG. I am proud to be Team Wang!! Let’s Make History Together Seunnie!! Happy 3rd Anniversary!!” Shruti Poddar, Mumbai

“HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY TEAM WANG💚😍 These three years and the years we spend been an ahgases is actually one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I learned how to be happy and stay positive in my life. I started believing in myself after watching all your HARD WORK. I am so blessed to be your fan. Your hard work, passion and persistence inspire millions of us. WE ARE PROUD TO BE YOUR FAN. Thank you for loving us and always being there for us during our tough times. Your songs helped me a lot during the times when I felt like giving up. TEAM WANG IS LOVE AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE💚”Adila, Mumbai

“You’ve worked hard for this. You make your own empire and inspire many of us to stick to our goal. Your dedication passion hardworking encourages me to never give up. Work hard and one day all your hard work pays off. You deserve all this fame all this success. You are a great teacher for us. Thank you for your hard work 💚. Together we’ve got a long way to go. Let’s make history together 💚Happy 3rd-anniversary #Teamwang.”Parismita Das, Barpeta (Assam) India

As the artist mentioned in the team’s 2nd-anniversary post, “There’s risk in everything, but it depends on you if you are willing to take it.” Jackson himself has been a great example of his words and the brand he created is a testimony of how dreams can be an actual reality. By delivering quality content and serving at its best, we are much pleased with what the team has achieved so far. And the ventures do not stop here, as TEAM WANG is about to surprise us in every possible way.

Best wishes from our team to Jackson Wang and TEAM WANG!

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