Indian STAYs Say They Exist!


STAYs make Stray Kids stay while Stray Kids are the reason why STAYs exist.

As followers of the most beloved monster rookie group of nine, the fandom celebrated their first year’s birthday worldwide with pride. By possessing one of the most meaningful fandom names, STAYs couldn’t be happy enough to express their gratitude through lovely messages tagging Stray Kids with hashtags #STAY1stAnniversary.

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The birthday celebration wave also struck our enthusiastic Indian STAYs, as the fanbase decided to come up with a creative fan project. The desi STAYs along with their heartwarming wishes got together to recreate the Anniversary picture created by the nonet. “Indian STAYs got together in an instant to make the project happen. This was a small project yet an effective one which could give recognition to STAYs from India” says one of the admins. The photo project soon spread virally on various social media platforms, pulling in interests and wishes from the fandom around the world.

Hence August 1 not just marked the beginning of a new month but gave the fandom a new start as a family celebrating their first birthday with their Idols.

With lots of love, Indian STAYs shared their heartfelt notes for their fellow mates.

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“STAY!! It’s already been a year since we got an official fandom, Wow. I never knew this word would mean the world to me, which gave me a home. A peaceful place to be who I am without being judged. Which let me find all you crack heads😂. You guys are the most precious family I found. Thank you for making Stray Kids and me STAY. I love you my Rubber duckies❤.”– Yathigna, Hyderabad.

“STAY, this word means to me a lot. The STAY fandom is the first fandom where I am really active. The fandom, which gave me love and care. I guess this fandom is one of the peaceful, hopeful as well as a loyal fandom. STAY is my family. I’m proud to be a STAY- WHERE STRAY KIDS “STAY” 💖” – Prajnasmita Roy, Kolkata.

“Dear STAYs♡ To the sweetest, kindest and the MOST loving crack heads out there, STAY! Thank You! and Happy Birthday!♡ Thank you for all the love and support you have given to STRAY KIDS and to co-STAY♡. And I hope that we can grow even more as a fandom and as a family in the future and STAY with STRAY KIDS forever. You guys are my family, my second home, my precious STAYs♡… I LOVE YOU!” – Rachel, Mizoram.

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