5 Indian Songs “Inspired” by Korean Songs and More!!!

Ever heard an Indian song and thought that the beats sounded really familiar? Well, it probably is a copy of a Korean song! Our Editor Nicki and Contributor Chirutha writes about the "inspiration" found by Indian Songs from Korean Songs! And other things included!


“Pehli nazar me kaisa jaadu kar diya”, sing this line to any Indian movie fan and the response you’ll get will be the next line “Tera bann baitha, hai mera jeeya” of a popular Hindi track but did you know this song has its roots in a Korean song?

Our Indian music industry has always been under fire for copying music from others, there has been so many epitome of plagiarism/inspiration/coincidence/budding popularity of Korean songs and so, we at Destination KPOP decided to compile a list of Indian songs which found its “inspiration” from Korean songs. Listen to both the versions with an open mind and let us know what you think!

[DISCLAIMER: The authors would like to state that they are not berating any genre. They are merely trying to draw attention to the similarities. They hope that you read this, with a pinch of humor and a bucket full of popcorn, if you find one nearby.] 

Like Indian Movies, Korean Movies/Drama’s also have a lot of OST’s. Both are a growing and a booming industry and it is only fair that it clash at times. Here are some OST’S (like Korean fans would call it) of Indian movies which drew “inspiration” from its Korean Counterpart.

1. Bhool Bhulaiya

The title track ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ of the movie Bhool Bhulaiya released in 2007 is composed by Pritam and it is similar to JTL’s (a Korean HipHop Trio) ‘My Lecon’, which was released in 2001 . There is no doubt about the background score and the beats being very similar from the beginning to the end. The original song can be heard here.

You can find the Hare Krishna Hare Rama song below.


2. Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

Surprise, surprise this above titled song is by Pritam again, from the popular movie ‘Life In A Metro’, released in 2007 and it draws its inspiration from the Korean song ‘Ahreum Dareum Saram’ by Seo Yoo Seok, heard in the famous Korean Drama ‘My Name Is Kim Sam Soon’ which was released in 2005.

Enjoy the OST above and it’s Hindi counterpart below.


3. Ekkada Ekkada

A song from Telugu movie Veedu Theda, released in 2011, by music director Chakri, will make you sing ‘Bonamana’ by Super Junior, released in 2010. Since most of you must heard the original, we bring you the Telugu version first.

And who doesn’t like the original version!


4. Pehli Nazar Me

A very popular track from the Hindi movie ‘Race’, released in 2008, by Pritam (Yes, Fanboy alert!) has uncanny resemblance to Korean song ‘Saranghaeyo’ by Kim Hyung Sup, OST of Delightful Girl Choon Hyang in 2005.

This Hindi song became really popular since it’s release.


5. Musthabai Vasthundi

This song is probably the  highlight of the article. Brace yourselves!

Although the song is titled as above, it should definitely have had ‘Fantastic Baby’ as it’s title or at least a ‘featuring by G-Dragon’ written on it. In all other songs you must have heard different lyrics and singers with only the background music as the similarity but here we have our very own G Dragon singing ‘Fantastic Baby’, in the song Musthabai Vasthundi of 2013 Telugu movie Mr. Pellikoduku. The original song ‘Fantastic Baby’ by Bigbang was released in 2012. It breaks our heart to know that G-Dragon does not even know about this featuring!

After listening to Musthabai Vasthundi, you will need this.


And that ends the list! After listening to all these songs, we leave you to decide on whether it’s inspiration or coincidence or straight rip offs from Korean songs. But one thing is for sure, Pritam is definitely a fanboy of Korean Music, just like us and we wonder who’s his bias!

P.S. The Hindi Music Industry has not spoken about this “Inspiration”. We wonder what the original creators would have to say say about this if they do find out. We especially want to know G-Dragon’s reaction on his featuring because as we all know, G-Dragon doesn’t do OST’S.


Who doesn’t love SNSD? We do! And apparently also the person who made the MV of  Akriti Kakkar and Santokh Singh’s song “Ring Diamond Di” released on 2015. It had lots (and lots) of similarity with the scenes used in SNSD MV’s, especially “I Got A Boy”(2013) and “The Boys”(2011), which created a uproar among Sones and Knetizens. The Indian song however did not copy the music, there is only resemblance on the concept. Check the MV’s to spot the similarity.


More Bonus:

And just when we thought there are just too many hit Hindi songs “inspired” from Korean songs, we hit jackpot!

Taeyeon’s ‘I’ featuring Verbal Jint released on October 2015 and gathered lots of attention around the world, as it was the much anticipated debut solo by the leader of SNSD. Taeyeon won many praises for it, however the issue of plagiarism came out and this time, it was of Taeyeon copying an Indian song.

Indian fans pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the soundtrack used by Taeyeon’s song and Indian Singer, ‘Hiphop Tamizha’s viral song, ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’ which was released on 2014. Even the timing of ‘rap’ by Verbal Jint was similar. This was later lately addressed and recognised by international fans as well. This controversy has however not been addressed by SM Entertainment though one of the composer of Taeyeon’s song did write on the YouTube video as a comment, that the song is an original.

We however loved the message that both song delivered, we all know what message Taeyeon’s ‘I’ delivered and for Hiphop Tamizha’s ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’, click on CC to know the meaning of the lyrics and watch the MV closely to understand the concept. We equally love both the songs and we suggest you listen to both but with regard to the controversial plagiarism rumor, we leave you to judge.

Enjoy both the songs here.



Last Bonus (We swear it’s last! Don’t deny that you are not loving this though!)

Don’t be disheartened because of the plagiarism or copying issues, because we still have an original Hindi song by 4MINUTE for their fans! Yes! We are not joking! 4Minute had to create an Indian version of their hit song, “Volume Up” as part of their Mnet Yoon Se-Yoon’s Art Video show. Click the below video to see 4Minute with their Indian Version of ‘Volume Up’.



Done watching the video? Okay, maybe that wasn’t as promising as we made it sound. Yes, we know what you are trying to say, we thought the same as well! The video seems wrong on so many cultural levels and we probably should be discussing at length about this but well… Anyways, to calm everyone of us down, we have one final video and we promise this is going to make you smile!

It’s the adorable N-SONIC boys singing ‘Ishqwala Love’ at their India Tour! Their pronunciation was almost spot on as well! Enjoy!

P.S. We don’t want to give spoiler but Minkee’s dance is ‘Oh so sexy’!


We had so much fun writing this! Leave your comments and let us know what you think about it! Do you know anymore songs which we can add to the list? If so, comment below!

Also, the next time someone makes fun of you listening to KPOP, if they are a fan of the above Indian songs, let them know where it originates from!

Keep Calm and Share the Love of KPop!

Contributed by- Chirutha