INFINITE holds press conference for reality show Showtime !!

Its SHOWTIME for Infinite!!!


INFINITE members Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya, L and Sungjong were seen holding a press conference today for their reality show SHOWTIME. Sungyeol was absent as he is currently filming in Panama.

The INFINITE boys held a Showtime Press Conference earlier today to commemorate the start of the show.This is the second reality show by INFINITE boys who are into sixth year of their debut. Prior to this the boys have appeared on Mnet’s reality show This is INFINITE in 2014. Showtime series has earlier hosted idol groups EXO, Apink, Beast, Sistar and EXID.

“The show is bound to showcase not only the members ordinary daily lives but also revisit their memories made together,”said Showtime’s PD.The members stated they shall show a side that is not often seen on broadcasts.Hoya said, “Its a gift for the fans.”

Check out the pictures from the press-con released by My Daily today.

This year Infinite released a mini album Reality with the chart topping title track BAD.The group went on to win many awards and accolades this year with winning Best Asia Performing Group and Best Music Award of the year recently at iQiyi All Star Carnival in China.

The filming for the Showtime has already finished.The show airs on December 10, 6pm (KST) on MBC Every1.

Infinite members are variety kings.Watch the preview below if you don’t believe us!!

Who is ready for showtime?

Picture Credit- My Daily



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