Infinite Hoya’s and Exo Xiumin’s Fans Are Angels For The Children In Need

Kpop India

Two of our very beloved idol had their birthday recently. Infinite’s Hoya and Exo Xiumin celebrated their birthday with gap of two days. Their fans made their birthdays significant by donating a generous amount to the children who are in dire need of medical aid.

It has been reported that, Hear, Ho, Hoya’s fansite, collected a huge amount of $4,200 and donated in the name of the idol. They donated this amount to a social welfare organization, Love Snail. This organization is devoted to the hearing impaired children. The collected amount will be dedicated for cochlear implant surgeries for those kids who cannot pay their medial bills. Cho Young Woon, the director of the Love Snail, revealed that this is the second time in a row that he is receiving this generous amount for the kids welfare from the fans. He is really overwhelmed with the willingness of the fans to help the underprivileged children.

Same as Hoya’s fansite, Xiumin’s Mandu Net reportedly raised  $73,000 for charity in name of the eldest Exo member. This is a set tradition by the fansite to donate a minimal amount to one of the organization. These social organization help the children who are in dire need of medical services. This year the raised amount is donated to Holt’s Children’s Services. The collected amount will help minimum of 300 children to pay for their medications.

All these selfless deeds must make the idols proud of their fans. We are sure both Hoya and Xiumin will be thankful to each and everyone who took this initiative to help out the children.


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