INFINITE Sung-Kyu makes an appearance as Special MC on Weekly Idol

Special Dance on Weekly Idol by INFINITE Sung-Kyu


MBC Every1′s “Weekly Idol” Ep 227 on December 2nd had an appearance of Special MC Kim Sung-kyu of boy band Infinite.The popular show which has been hosted by comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defconn for four years now, saw Kim Sung-kyu as a special MC replacing  Hyung Don while he is on hiatus. 

Weekly idol producers have planned to welcome most unforgettable idol guests of the show as special MC’s. The special MC’s shall help MC Defconn host the show until Jung Hyung Don’s return.


Infinite being one of the groups that have appeared most on the show,Sung-kyu is not new to the shows dynamics.With the opening of the show Defconn announced Hyung Don’s temporary leave from the show introducing Sung-kyu as his co-host as well as Jung Hyung Don’s favorite idol. Defconn explained, “You’re an idol that Jung Hyung Don really appreciated.Show him how much you love him with a dance.” The surprised idol laughed and obliged with a silly dance.Sung kyu shouted “Hyung, come back soon!” wishing Hyung don speedy recovery.


Embarrassed of the dance moves, Sung Kyu also mentioned this was the most embarrassed moment he had in six years.

Check out Sung kyu ‘s  hilarious dance below:

Meanwhile,Jung Hyung Don is currently being treated  for severe anxiety disorder


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