INFINITE’s Power Vocal Woohyun To Debut Solo!

Infinite's Woohyun to showcase his vocal prowess with a solo debut in mid-May

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Inspirits time to rejoice, as INFINITE’s power vocal Nam Woohyun is finally going to make a solo debut.

The 25 year old Nam Woohyun, is looking forward to make a solo debut for the first time in six years since debut in 2010. He will be releasing a solo track around mid of May. However details are still being worked out by Woohyun and his agency Woolim Entertainment on whether he will be releasing a single or an album.

Previously Woohyun had promoted with SHINee’s Key for a sub-unit group “ToHeart.” While Infinite’s leader Sungyyu has already made a solo debut back in 2012, members Hoya and Dongwoo also promote as a sub-unit “Infinite-H,” while members Sungyeol, L and Sungjong promote as a sub-unit “Infinite-L.”

Moreover, it has also been reported that after completing his solo activities and promotions, he will join INFINITE to release a new album. How cool is that!!

Woohyun is currently juggling filming for his first big screen appearance in ‘Mongdang Branch School Olympics’ to promoting with INFINITE and working on his upcoming solo-debut.

Seems like this year is looking really great for all the Inspirits across the globe, with Woohyun making a solo debut and INFINITE’s album lined up next, there is hardly any room for complaining.

Well, Congratulations to Woohyun!! We all know Woohyun’s vocal abilities and are definitely looking forward to his upcoming solo debut. Are you elated too?


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