INFINITE’s Sunggyu to Pass Down Leadership to Fellow Member Woohyun From Next Year While Preparing for Mandatory Military Service


In his 2017 Seasons Greetings interview, INFINITE‘s leader Sunggyu revealed that while he prepares for his upcoming mandatory military service, he would be passing down leadership to fellow member Woohyun from the next year onwards.

Recently, Sunggyu announced on variety show “Girl Spirit that he would be enlisting very soon. He also gave a speech to the soldiers in the audience, saying, “Thank you for your brave service. I will be in your place very soon,” but has yet to confirm the exact month he will enlist.

Sunggyu’s leadership skill has always received a lot of praise, and many Inspirits are interested to see Woohyun’s abilities and how the group will be without their leader.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s last comeback was with “The Eye” in November.


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