Infinite’s Woohyun Is Ready To Grace Big Screen!


Infinite’s Woohyun is next in the group to embrace the silver screen. It has been reported that he has been cast for the movie ‘Mongdang Branch School Olympics.’ On March 14, to all Inspirit’s joy, Woollim Entertainment confirmed the news about the casting.

This movie is based on the webtoon by the same name and is a soul stirring story of relationship between a teacher and his students. This story is of a small school in the mountains of Gangwon Province which is soon going to close down. Woohyun is set to play the role of Hyun Woo, who is part time teacher in the school and is in charge of the students till the closing day. He struggles against the odds to cancel the closing of the school.

The filming for the movie has already commenced from March 10 at Goseong, Gangwon. No exact date of release has been issued yet.

Woohyun made his acting debut in 2012 with a minor role in the drama The Thousandth Man. His major casting was in 2014 when he was courted for KBS2 drama “Hi! School Love On” along with his fellow Infinite member, Lee Sung Yeol. He was highly appreciated for his acting in the drama and stole everybody’s heart with his soulful acting. This movie will mark his big screen debut. Fans have been buzzing around with excitement to see his completely different role in this movie to what he played in his previous drama.

Are you ready for Woohyun’s movie?


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