Insider Claims Suga and Jimin Could be BTS’ First Sub-Unit

An entertainment insider claims BTS' first sub-unit could be members Suga and Jimin


BTS recently dropped their “Epilogue – Young Forever” MV which is the first of three music videos to be released for their special album ‘HwaYangYeonHwa: Young Forever‘ (third installment in the ‘HwaYangYeonHwa‘ trilogy). The boys also released their “Day” concept photos and set fans into a frenzy, but not before it was announced that they would also be headlining 2016 KCON in France and New York.

With their comeback set for May, rumors that Big Hit Entertainment may have more surprises in store for fans have arisen. Reportedly, the agency will be focusing on their sole active group BTS and is considering “solo and sub unit activities, as well as different variety and theater opportunities” for the boys this year instead of debuting a new group.

Regarding solo activities, member V has been working towards an acting debut in period drama ‘Hwarang‘. While leader Rap Monster has already expressed his interest in releasing a second mixtape, the rest of the group’s rapper line Suga and J-Hope are also supposedly working on their own mixtapes.

As for the group’s sub-units, there has been no official statement from the group’s agency regarding which members will be forming the group’s sub-unit or if indeed any BTS sub-unit will be promoted this year.

However, an insider has claimed that the first BTS sub-unit could be rapper Suga and vocalist Jimin, but also adds that he/she is not a 100% sure.

While the rumors have not been confirmed many fans have taken an interest in the news and have expressed joy at the possibility. Some have even pointed out that at a fansign member Jimin had once written on a post-it Q&A that the member he would most like to have a sub-unit with would be Suga. He adds that their sub-unit name would be “Mini-Mini” and hilariously put his reason for choosing his sub-unit partner was because they have the same height.

What do you think about the sub-unit rumors?


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