KPOP is the most loved genre on Instagram this year!

Congratulations!!! We did it!

kpop india

On December 2, it was revealed that KPOP has been the most popular topic around the world on INSTAGRAM!

According to Instagram, KPOP has been the most mentioned and commented topic on its app across the globe and hence KPOP has managed to surpass other popular genres like R&B, EDM, rock etc.

KPOP has been sweeping hearts of people with its versatility! KPOP Idols have always been known for their ‘fan service’ and thus, they have taken the Instagram platform to reach out to their fans. Idols show glimpses of their life via pictures or videos. Some idols even have a chat session with fans on their Instagram pictures. This no doubt creates a personal bonding between the fans and their idols.

The huge fan following on idol’s accounts also shows the popularity that KPOP has gathered among people. We thus gathered the top 5 most followed Kpop idol Instagram accounts! Are you following them yet?

5:EXO’s Sehun  – 4.9 million

kpop india

4: EXO’s Baekhyun  – 4.9 million

kpop india

3: EXO’s Chanyeol – 5.5 million

kpop india

2: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – 5.5 million

kpop india

1: BIGBANG’s G-Dragon – 7 million

kpop india

The list is definitely filled with the famous EXO boys and then Girls Generations leader, Taeyeon, however we have Bigbang’s leader, G-Dragon on number 1!


The new guy on the block whose hashtags are killing millions!

Day6-Jae Park

kpop india


With Psy’s new hit single ‘Daddy’ going Viral, CL’s US debut and many KPOP Idols performing around the world, let’s hope this popularity sustains for long long time.

Fans rejoice because you are definitely not the only one! We are millions of us who love KPOP and follow it whole-heartedly!


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