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Maybe the Hallyu wave has spread so far and wide, that it demands more from it’s musicians than just good music. Gone, are the good old days where Deulgukhwa’s soulful singing was all it took to garner the attention of the masses. (Ofcourse, I’d still sell my kidneys for a Deulgukhwa concert). The new age, seems to be filled with visually enticing and mentally confusing videos.

Have you seen MV’s which you had been expecting for weeks, only to be more confused after watching it? Have you ever had a friend introduce a song to you, and realize that the MV and the song didn’t match at all? Have you ever been impressed purely by the MV of a song, than the song in itself?

This new trend in K-Pop seems to be picking up quite quickly, with several entertainment agencies investing just as much in creative visual media productions, as they have done on their sound productions. Check out a few MV’s that have impressed us, and left us searching the internet for some MV theories.


Blossom Tears – (VIXX) Leo x Lyn

Though we are entirely sure that the eldest member of boygroup VIXX is out to get women’s hearts, we don’t think this is the way to go about it. The video begins with cuts of Leo as a tailor, but quickly moves on to what looks like a very destructive love story. And a wardrobe of hearts, of the women he loved? Check it out for yourself!


The Light – The Ark

It’s been a while since we heard anything from this girl-group, but their debut song was both powerful in vocals and in visuals. A sweet tale of a mother and a daughter, it speaks volumes in it’s simple representation. We all need a light in our lives, who’s yours?


Fly – GOT7

GOT7, JYP’s prominent boygroup, came out with it’s latest release that shocked all of its fans. An MV that was riddled with simple clues, and a larger-than-life story line isn’t characteristic of GOT7 but we have to say they definitely pulled it off, and managed to scare us in the process. Take a look at the video and try and tell us, is Junior really alive after all of it?


Memory of the Wind – NAUL

A soulful voice, and brilliant lyrics – those are not the only assets of this song. This MV tells fantasy-like story about a father and daughter that fight through metaphorical and literal struggles. It is the daughter, that is now left to deal with the pain of those memories and truly find love. What did you think of this heart touching story?


Run – BTS (Bangtan Soonyeondan)

Big Hit’s boygroup BTS managed to make a lot of fans restless with their 3 part MV storyline on the struggles of the youth, last year. The first MV in their series, Run, targets the beginning of all these problems that the members face in the rest of the series. It’s an overwhelming MV that sheds light on the many adversities that teens face today ranging from depression, loneliness, family struggles, love quarrels and so much more. Take a look at the video, and tell us what it made you feel?


All In – Monsta X

A boygroup that has made itself a name for it’s dip into the trap and deep house genre, Monsta X thrilled fans with its new project “The Clan“. Their album is represented by their single “All In” which features a complex storyline, filled with smaller intertwining stories, and forms a shocking big picture. The MV touches upon the struggles of the youth, much like BTS’s MV’s, but it takes it up a notch by placing all of it in a post-apocalyptic world with a set of warlocks? Confusing, yes. Interesting? Hell yes. Take a look for yourself and share your theories in the comments below. Who really set fire to that house?


Meet Him Among Them – Lee Sun Hee

Though we are a huge fan of controversy ridden MV’s with dark and angsty story lines, let’s take a step back to admire the little things in life. As a gift to her fans for her 30th anniversary as a singer, Lee Sun Hee presented them with this philosophically enriching and heartwarming story, that will move you to tears. This is one of those MV’s that will always touch a part of your heart.


Fantasy – VIXX

If we are discussing confusing MV’s that are filled with theoretical clues, we can’t possibly leave out the ‘concept idols’. VIXX came out with their latest single just a few days back, and managed to trouble their fans (yet again) with another MV that seems to have way too many clues and very little answers. Take a look for yourselves and you tell us this time, just what are they trying to do?


Monster – EXO

The trend of storytelling MV’s wasn’t just restricted to the smaller companies in the entertainment industry. The famous boygroup has been taking over the world with this trend for a while now (since their ‘overdose’ promotions) but their ‘Monster’ MV presented a more blatantly obvious story line, that didn’t need as many theories. The boys of EXO are fighting against the social pressures and the ‘system’ in their MV and they look pretty great while doing it. They released their latest single ‘Lotto’ on August 18th. Take a look at ‘Lotto’ here.


We, as fangirls, are definitely happy about this new development in the age of songs and MVs. Makes for an active mind, don’t you think?


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