Is Winner making a comeback?


In an ambiguous update from YG, a picture of Winner with the words, ‘Miss them?’ was uploaded on his personal instagram account. Fans are speculating that this maybe a comeback! Ever since, their debut last year, there hasn’t been any more album although, Mino did recently participate in Show Me The Money 4 where he came second.

After Bigbang’s comeback, iKON has started their comeback and hence it is doubted that YG would let Winner and iKON promote together so if this is at all a comeback, maybe it will happen after iKON is done with their comeback. But Winner and iKON have worked together starting from their pre-debut days ‘Who is Next:WIN’ to ‘Dimension’ a project film and YG Entertainment is known for being unpredictable.

But whatever it is, for the fanbase of Winner, innercircle, this is definitely good news as they have been waiting eagerly for Winner to make a comeback.


Meanwhile, Tablo.


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