It’s the Boys’ turn!


BOYS24 is Mnet’s New idol-group program!

Mnet’s popular program Produce 101, is currently being followed by a similar, but not-so-similar program ‘BOYS24’. They came back with a stronger-than-ever trainer team consisting of – Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa, Vocal), Jeon Bong Jin (Vocal Coach, EXO/ Yoon Mi-Rae), Ha Hui Dong (Dancer) and Vaco (Rapper)

49 male trainees from all over Korea will be competing to be a part of the formal BOYS24 idol group which will promote for a year, with several units. Airing since June 18, the competition follows a ‘Unit Survival’ format that divides the trainees into several units and let’s them compete through song and dance.

What’s different compared to it’s forerunner ‘Produce 101’ is that BOY24 has a compartively smaller trainee number. With 49 trainees at the beginning, it gives almost half the trainees (24) a chance to be in the final idol group. The boys are constantly evaluated on their skill level and assigned to the top 7 positions. These top 7, act as leaders to their respective units, and must showcase their leadership ability and talent to the audience.

The completed idol group will have a gigantic investment by C J E&M, will allow the 24 boys to perform on various live stages for the next 365 days. Audiences from Korea, China and Japan must prepare to be captivated by the charms of these boys!

Kpop India The current teams are: Team Sky, Team White, Team Purple, Team Blue, Team Green, Team Yellow and Team Red. 3 episodes have already aired for this captivating show, placing Team Purple under threat of elimination.

Check out this amazing performance by Team Purple in the last episode below!

And this all-boys version of GFriend, by Team Blue:

You can check out the official website and vote for your favourite boys HERE

Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode. Which boy are you rooting for?

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