IU Gifts a Brand New Untitled Song to Her Fans!

IU uploads a new song in soundcloud!


In between the April fool jokes played by our idols to their fans, IU has a real gift for her fans!

The singer took to her fan café to upload a new song in soundcloud and like always, her beautiful voice impresses us again!

IU uploaded the acoustic version of the untitled song with the account name ‘Loen Tree’ and it came as a surprise for all the fans! We get to hear her sweet voice and also, the slow melody of the song makes you want to hear it over and over again! The song has left the fans to wonder whether she is planning for a comeback or is it just a gift for her fans? Whatever maybe the reason, we, as fans are happy as long as we get to hear songs from our idols, aren’t we?

Meanwhile, IU has recently started a scholarship programme in her school for underprivileged students and is receiving praise for her good work!

Listen to the song that IU uploaded below and let us know if you like it!


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