IU Starts an ‘IU Scholarship’ at her High School!

IU starts a scholarship programme for underprivileged students at her high school!


We can’t help but feel proud when our idols step up and do good for the society! Popular singer and actor IU has started a scholarship programme called “IU Scholarship” for students belonging to underprivileged families in her own school!

Under the scholarship, 4 selected students of her Alma Mater-  Dong Duk Women’s High School belonging to underprivileged families will be awarded a sum of 5,000,000 KRW, which is approximately $4300 and the whole amount will be funded by IU herself. The scholarship will start from this year and it will continue annually.

One of the students who recently graduated from the same school uploaded a clipping of the school’s newspaper in which the school thanked and congratulated IU for the good deed.

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According to some reports, in addition to that IU has also donated an additional sum of 10,000,000 KRW ($8600 approx) to her school for various other improvement funds!

Meanwhile, IU has already been cast as the lead for the highly anticipated Drama “Moon Lovers” which has a star studded cast including Lee Jun Ki, SNSD’s  Seohyun, Kang Ha Na and EXO’s Baekhyun among many others! Hence, we can look forward to seeing IU in the silver screen really soon!

We are so proud of IU for this amazing contribution!


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