J-Hope To Release His First Mixtape This March + Video Teaser Released!


BTS member J-Hope is all set to release his first mixtape since his debut.

The mixtape is set to drop on March 3. He is the third member in the group to release a mixtape, after RM and Suga. A 12-second video teaser of J-Hope’s mixtape was shared on BTS’s official Twitter, along with the hashtags ‘#HopeWorld’ and ‘#jhopeMixtape’.

J-Hope has been participating in writing, composing and producing various songs such as ‘MIC Drop,’ ‘MAMA,’ ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears,’ ‘I NEED U’ and ‘RUN’.

Previously, RM released the first mixtape on March 2015 and Suga released ‘Agust D’ in August 2016.

Are you excited for this mixtape. Stay tuned for more updates!

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