J.Y. Park Teases for “I’m Alive” + to Appear on Weekly Idol!

J.Y. Park set to release new single AND become Weekly Idol's first guest solo artist & CEO!


J.Y. Park has released an MV teaser for his new solo single “I’m Alive“!

The teaser already has heads turning as it features the charismatic artist parodying actor Ha Jung Woo’s infamous eating scene from the hit movie ‘Nameless Gangster‘ (2011).

The track “Still Alive” is completely composed and written by J.Y. Park and is described as a refreshing track that anyone can enjoy. Check out the teaser below!

The artist is set to not only release the single “I’m Alive” on April 10, but will also be appearing on the April 10 episode of popular variety show ‘Weekly Idol‘.

Yes, you read that correctly.

JYP Entertainment’s CEO J.Y. Park is all set to become the very first agency CEO to guest on Weekly Idol!

MBC’s Weekly Idol is one of the most well known variety shows in the K-Pop industry and has had several prominent guests on the show. But this will be the show’s first time featuring a solo artist who also happens to be the CEO of one of the biggest K-Pop labels!

Fans are certainly looking forward to this episode and have their eye out for the show’s infamous ‘Random Play‘ dance segment which shuffles songs and has the artists trying to complete the correct choreography. With younger artists struggling through a few years worth of tracks, we can only imagine the fun that will ensue if ‘Weekly Idol‘ breaks into J.Y. Park’s 24 years of music!

Stay tuned for the release of “I’m Alive” and this sure to be legendary episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘!


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