Jackson Wang Restores Love In “100 Ways”


Despite the 100 ways, love becomes the only way to conquer!

On March 20, Jackson Wang made his first comeback of 2020 with his single, “100 Ways.” After much anticipation and suspense from the teasers, the music video was finally out letting the fans experience a historic preternatural love story.  The singer after marking a successful journey with Mirrors in 2019, plans to take it to the next step by signing officially with the record label 88 rising to release his latest single.

The Single

The track summons the listeners from the very beginning with its catchy western tune. The song further grooves in as a pop song with much deeper and thoughtful lyrics on love, Jackson with his mellow vocals melt our hearts singing, “There’s a hundred ways to leave a lover, but I am the only one that you need,” ceasing us with emotions. Adding up to the rhythmic western beats, the euphonious flute notes blend in making the listeners empathize with the poignant love story. The lyrics co-written by the singer himself is set in a melancholic narrative with little sprinkles of hope and promise making it complete. As a matter of fact, the single is yet another track that makes fans love Jackson in a hundred more ways as a solo artist. 

The Music Video

The music video crowns the single with elegance and culture. The artist is fond of his country brings in the elements of ancient china, as he transforms as a forgone soldier in search of his lover. The classical setting keeps us curious expecting what is to happen next. The plot begins with four soldiers walking into a forbidden forest to bring back the resting soldier. Jackson Wang starring as the forgone soldier rises up from his grave and suits himself in armour. The protagonist sets to find his lover grave in the forest and wakes her up as the barren tree blooms to radiant the happiness. The lost individuals find themselves in each other while performing a splendiferous choreography together. The pair finally rests in the same burial ground. Adding up to the artists acting skills and structured plot, the settings weigh greatly furnishing the video into a historic movie.

With the single delighting everyone from the very first listens, Indian Ahgases also expressed their love by streaming and trending hashtags in various SNS platforms. Here are a few messages from the fans.

Indian Fans’ Messages:

“Just words can’t describe the happiness the Music video gave me!! When the world is under a lot of fear due to lot issues this MV was medicine to our souls!! Jackson’s vocal WOAHHH 😍😘it gave such a warm feeling to heart 💜 and I love every bit of it, Plus everyone appeared in MV did their job with perfection!! The couple choreography is indeed a show-stealer. Along with the editing and location, everything was awesome Team Wang is going a fantabulous work!! Loads of love to Team Wang!!”Raashmi, Madurai

“Jackson came back with 100 ways and I personally think that it’s the most precious gift from Jackson to his fans as it’s his birthday month. He changed his normal way of dancing in this music video with his minute but amazing hand works. He tried to mix the Chinese culture with the western one and it worked out. I don’t have words about this man who always say that he doesn’t know acting… I mean really!!! The way he expressed his emotions is not letting me stay in peace. And throughout the song, he keeps reminding his fans that even if there are 100 ways to leave a lover, the one that you need is me.”Geethu kennady, Bangalore

As a result, Team Wang has once again provided their fans with a solid single to tune in on repeat. “100 Ways,” is also said to a prior release for the upcoming second album from the artist, that can drop anytime in 2020. Till then let us find “100 ways” to support Jackson through his journey.

How did you enjoy listening to Jackson’s new single? Let us know in the comments.


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