Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert in Japan Attended by 15,000 Fans!

Jaejoong's Hologram Concert in Tokyo, Japan was attended by 15.000 fans!


Kim Jaejoong‘s hologram concert ‘2016 Kim Jaejoong 2nd Album Hologram Real Live Concert in Japan‘ was successfully held on February 9 and 10 in Tokyo and was attended by 15,000 fans!

The 90 minute long show featured the handsome artist putting on a spectacular musical performance that even featured tracks from his second studio album ‘NO.X’ including “You Know?“, “We Will Meet Again“, “Love You More” and seventeen other tracks! The show was enhanced by holographic effects that were utilized to even change his outfits.

But the concert and the effects weren’t the only thing that Jaejoong had in store for his fans. He also took time to communicate with his fans during the concert.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert in Japan Attended by 15,000 Fans!Jaejoong Hologram 01

Jaejoong’s concert performance director revealed that the hologram concert was the result of two years of preparation as the content was filmed before the artist’s military enlistment and was then worked on for a year to ensure that the content was perfect. He also added that it was because of the long and detailed preparation that the concert was able to maintain it’s high quality and satisfy the fans.

The songs performed in the hologram concert by the gorgeous artist are featured in his second studio albumNO.X‘ which is scheduled for release on February 12.

Jaejoong must have worked very hard for his fans before his enlistment to prepare so many wonderful surprises for his fans! A pre-recorded album is one thing but an entire concert? That takes time, love and dedication, and the artist seems to have an abundance of it when it comes to his fans!

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