James of Royal Pirates is doing better!

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James Lee of Korean-American rock band Royal Pirates, has been one to face several surgeries and hospital visits.

Last June, it was reported that while in a restaurant in Seoul, James received several injuries due to a glass door’s frame crashing down on his left shoulder and wrist. Following that, he declared that he had lost the use of his left wrist due to severed nerves and had to give up playing bass guitar. For someone who’d been playing bass for about 10-15 years, that’s definitely a life and soul-crushing loss. But James has showed great chivalry and strength by following his musical passion and taking up the keyboard for Royal Pirates’ November 2015 comeback.

However, it looks like the wrist injury cost him more than just one surgery and a visit to a hospital. James has claimed that he has been receiving physical therapy to regain use of his wrist, and to get used to his damaged nerves. In his recent Instagram update, he mentions that he successfully finished another surgery, which seems to be his fifth time under the knife.

As loyal fans, we definitely wish him less pain and a long and healthy life. But it is heartwarming to see that the Singer-songwriter always manages to keep a strong face and a comically cynical outlook on life. Don’t you worry James, we are right behind you.

Look at James thanking his fans for all their love and support. Isn’t he a darling?

But fans aren’t his only supporters. James has received visits from encouraging friends and family alike!

Wishing James a speedy recovery and enough skittles to cover him until the next Royal Pirates comeback!


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