IU and Jang Kiha No Longer A Couple!

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Singers IU and Jang Kiha 4 years relationship came to an end with both the artists agency confirming the breakup news.

The (EX) couple went public with their relationship back in 2015, although they were dating since 2013 after meeting through Jang Kiha′s radio program.

IU′s agency LOEN Entertainment on January 23 stated, “IU and Jang Kiha have recently broken up. It will be difficult to reveal the reason as it is a private matter.”

Jang Kiha′s agency DRDRamc also confirmed the breakup news. A representative of Jang Kiha shared, “He has broken up with IU recently but have agreed to remain good sunbae and hoobae. It will be difficult to shared the details as it is a private matter.”

Meanwhile, IU is currently preparing for her next project after appearing in SBS drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Jang Ki Ha is meeting fans through concerts after releasing his 4th album last year.


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