Jay Park slams website for using his picture for alleged drug scandal rumor


On November 21, a website used Jay Park and Dok2’s picture while writing about the drug scandal in the KPOP industry. It also stated that the list which had been provided, “included famous idol group rapper A, CEO/rapper who appeared on a rap battle program, and C, a rapper who took part in the third season of aforementioned show”.

Jay Park responded to the news by tweeting, “Trying to be a reliable new’s source yet they post our pic’s implying that it’s us when it ain’t.” He also added, “Get yo fact’s straight before you indirectly include us in some bullshit we ain’t involved in~ aight now back to being successful “.

The picture used was later put down by the website but no official response by them had been made as of now. Jay Park’s label AOMG has however made an official statement stating that the rumor is false. The representative stated that they have been trying to get in touch with the website but since they are not an Korean outlet and is based in North America, they have not been able to contact them. They have however got in touch with a representative of the media outlet and have asked them to take down the article if they do not want a legal action against them. The representative also stated that Jay Park is very angry with the way he have been portrayed.


Fans of Jay Park have been continuously tweeting in support of Jay Park ever since the rumor began.