Jay Park Teases For ‘The Truth Is’

Jay Park teases for his upcoming single 'The Truth Is'


Jay Park is back! The teaser for his new single “The Truth Is” which will be released at midnight on March 22 is out!

The hip hop artist, rapper and dancer’s only release this year has been a feature on Reddy’s new single “Think” and his last solo single was “Solo” which was released last year. So news of his new single has fans pretty hyped!

The artist unveiled a 12 second teaser of the track and it features him singing the words “Saranghae (I love you)” over and over again. Despite the snippet being super short, it had fans fawning over his lush vocals.

“The Truth Is” (Teaser)


Soon after, Jay Park released a trailer for the song in which he reveals that the song was produced by Groovy Room and was actually prepared a year ago! He also reveals the story line of the song to be about how a man deals with heartbreak and we can probably expect something really romantic from the artist who’s music is known to be either bad ass or sweeter than sugar.

Check out the trailer below!

“The Truth Is” (Trailer)

On another note, the artist will also be dropping a new solo album titled ‘Everything You Want‘ however the release date has not been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more!


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