A Jedi Knight Luhan for Chinese Promos of Star Wars!!

Star Wars Official Chinese Ambassdor is Luhan!!


Joining the bandwagon of stars across the world promoting the much anticipated series for Star Wars, Luhan studio dropped video of Luhan promoting Star Wars : The Force Awakens promotions in China.

Walt Disney has roped in Luhan as their official ambassador for the The Star Wars promotions in China aiming to draw the Chinese youth to the cinemas with the help of the chinese heartthrob. This move has been considered by many insiders as a marketing genius because Luhan has a huge fan following not just in China but also worldwide making him one of the most sought after celebrity in the Chinese market. Luhan has also recently been the promotional face of Kung Fu Panda 3 in China.

It is stated that a large number of Chinese youth are oblivious to the epic space saga ‘Star Wars’ as it predates the modern Chinese movie market and hence the prequels are not that well known in China. No wonder to make it culturally relevant Walt Disney has picked Luhan as their ambassador who will help them draw crowds.

Chinese film market has played an essential role in making global hits recently hence its critical for the marketing team of Walt Disney to promote well in China for the film to succeed. And must we say that Luhan has done his job pretty well with many fans admitting to be into the current Star Wars trend because of Luhan.

Check out Luhan as the official Middle Kingdom ambassador of China! He definitely does justice to it!

It has also been reported that Luhan will be dedicating his new song The Inner Force (remix) for the promotional campaign of Star Wars:The Force Awakens.

The EXO fans i.e. the 0T12 stans as some like to be termed as, are definitely happy about this as while Luhan is the promotional ambassador for Star Wars in China, his former group EXO are promoting likewise in South Korea with ‘Lightsaber’ as a dedicated track.

Besides the fact that the promotional teaser literally left us wanting for more, we have to admit that Luhan looks really promising as a Jedi!!

Star Wars:The Force Awakens releases on December 25th in India and January 9th in China!!


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