Jeon Somi Exits JYP Entertainment With Contract Termination!

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Former IOI member Jeon Somi terminates contract with JYP Entertainment!

According to JYP on August 21, JYP decided to terminate the exclusive contract on mutual agreement on the day before 20th. An official statement was released on August 20, “Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment has spoken with our artist Jeon Somi and come to a mutual agreement to terminate her exclusive contract. We want to sincerely thank our artist and her fans who have been with us till now. Thank you.”

Matthew Douma, Somi’s father in an exclusive interview with ‘Ilgan Sports’  that he was aware of JYPE’s official announcement, and that the whole family was present during final talks at the company. He stated, “We/I shook hands and hugged with the employee at the company. We went as a family, and we even had ice cream with So Mi’s manager. We decided to support each other,”

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