Jessi holds 1st ever fanmeeting!

Jessi's first ever fanmeet and her heart warming words to fans!


Lucky J’s Ho Hyun-ju better known by her stage name Jessi is probably one of the most successful artists of the year. The fierce rapper’s solo single “SSENUNNI” was a hit which everyone was jamming to! Not to mention, fans are psyched about Lucky J’s scheduled comeback early next year!

To mark both her achievements and her birthday – 17 December – Jessi had her very first fan meeting! Although there aren’t many details or fan accounts of the meeting flying around, it seems that it was a closed event for fans to spend some quality time with the singer-rapper.

Jebbies or Jessi’s babies – as the artist fondly calls her fans can be seen all smiles in the pictures that Jessi has posted on to her personal Instagram. And of course we see that Jessi is beaming with happiness too. Her smile is positively radiant as she poses with her fans and her photo captions are just as heart warming.

Check out the pictures below:

Thank you so much Jebbies for making this day so special.. It’s been a long time since I’ve smiled/cried/laughed this much.” writes the multi-talented artist, her words were honest and simple.

Jessi continues pouring out her heart as she address her fans in the caption – “I have the best f**ken fans ever. Everything I do is for you guys.. Thank you for believing in me, my music, and just loving me for who I am. You guys inspire me everyday and make me want to push myself even more and more. I will never forget this moment.. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. I love you guys so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

It’s always wonderful to see such warm relationships between an artist and their fans.

Congratulations to Jessi on the success of her first ever fanmeeting!

Follow Jessi on Instagram – @jessicah_o!


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