Jessica Drops MV for “Love Me The Same”!

Jessica Jung releases the second MV from her debut album!


Jessica who has made her return to the K-POP industry for the first time since her departure from Girls’ Generation with her first solo album “With Love, J” and it’s first music video “FLY“, has dropped the music video of another song titled “Love Me The Same”!

The track is written by Jessica herself and not only that, she has also contributed in the composition of the song.

In the music video, the artist looks calm and stunning as ever as she asks “Would You Love Me the Same?” while waiting for the cactus to grow. The pleasant music along with Jessica’s voice and the calm and beautiful effects of the music video and of course, the simple and beautiful choreography in between – everything will make you fall in love with the song instantly!

Jessica is currently promoting her album and she has promised her fans that she will wear angel wings if she she gets No.1 spot in the music shows. So, do watch out for her performances and shower her with lots of love!

Meanwhile, check out the MV for “Love Me The Same” and leave us your comments!


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