Jessica Finishes MV Shoot for Solo Debut

Jessica has wrapped up filming of her solo debut music video!


Jessica Jung’s solo debut is a highly anticipated one but the artist is still playing coy with details of her upcoming solo album.

What we do know so far is that customers of her fashion and beauty brand ‘Blanc & Eclare’ will be receiving the album as a gift and that the artist has participated in the production of the album to give it a personal touch. The artist herself hinted at a Valentino event that her new music would possibly have many different genres. The artist also recently signed with Coridel Entertainment ahead of her solo debut.

In response to reports that the artist was spotted at a filming location in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, a representative from the agency confirmed that Jessica has indeed finished filming the music video for her debut solo single. However they went on to say that the date for Jessica’s solo music career launch has not been set as they are still working on her new music.

In other news, the artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur is all set to make her return to TV with an MC position on KBS’ “Beauty Bible” where she will be giving fashion advice and make up tips alongside Youngji from DSP Media’s disbanded girl group KARA.

Are you excited for Jessica’s comeback and solo debut?


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