Jessica is Ready to “FLY” in Solo Debut MV!

Jessica releases her solo debut album "With Love, J" and first MV "FLY"


Yes, Jessica is finally here! She has officially made her much awaited return to the K-POP music industry with her solo debut mini-album “With Love, J”!

After releasing a series of teasers, Coridel Entertainment has finally dropped the MV for her title song “FLY” at midnight on May 17th and we get to see both ‘Jessica, the singer’ and ‘Jessica, the dancer’ as well!

FLY” is a fun and upbeat track, with Jessica telling you to open your wings and fly! Her beautiful voice along with the energetic beats of the song (not to forget the pretty dance steps!) – the MV has got it all!

After the release of the album, the artist topped various online music charts and the MV for “FLY” has already crossed 2 million views within a day! She will also be droping another music video for the song “Love Me the Same” tomorrow. But that’s not all, Jessica will also be releasing (digital) an international version of her album which will have all the English versions of the five songs int he original album. Wow, that’s amazing, isn’t it?

The artist and fashion designer has also held a press conference for her solo debut which was showcased live on Naver’s V App where she talked about her love for fans and how she made the album just because of her fans. She also wished success for her former band mate Tiffany who also recently made a solo debut and currently promoting her solo debut album “I Just Wanna Dance”.

Check out Jessica’s “FLY” MV and shower her with lots of love!


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