Jin Goo In Talks For New SBS Drama ‘Wanted’

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Actor Jin Goo has been offered the role for the lead character in upcoming SBS drama, ‘Wanted‘. As SBS’s new installment in the thriller department, the drama is already gaining a lot of attention.

BH Entertainment has stated that ‘Wanted‘ is one of the offers that the actor is considering and also added that he will only be able to take this drama if his prior schedule allows it.

The drama revolves around a famous actress who is blackmailed into carrying out missions on live television as the blackmailer has  kidnapped her son. She ends up being unable to do anything but obey all the orders from the kidnapper and follow them accordingly. Jin Goo has been offered the role of a detective who is dedicated to his profession, is said to have an almost 100% success rate and takes special interest in this case. This causes the detective to throw himself totally into the case to solve it before time runs out.

Jin Goo rose to fame with his role in the hit series ‘Descendants of the Sun‘ where he stole the hearts of the masses with his spectacular acting and portrayal of the emotions.

Wanted‘ is set to follow ‘Entertainer‘ as SBS’ next Wednesday-Thursday drama, and kicks off on June 15.


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