JJCC is having “INSOMNIA” for you in latest MV!


JJCC  made their comeback once again on 18th November with new MV “INSOMNIA” . Since the addition of two new member’s Yul and Zica in the group , this is their second MV released .

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JJCC has proved that they are not lacking behind  as a powerpack artists. With strong vocal’s and perfect visual’s this boy’s are definitely proving themselves to be the next big thing in K-town very soon. And well, we won’t be surprised  who can resist Henry’s derpiness or Simba’s aegyo  or even Yul’s flawless look’s , We can go on and on about the member’s but will  leave it to you to spazz while watching the MV !


Watch JJCC ‘s “Insomnia” here:

This MV is  going to leave me with Insomnia too. What about you?

JJCC is a South Korean boy band formed under Jackie Chan group Korea and they debuted in the year 2014.

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