Jongup’s Birthday is Celebrated in a Memorable Manner b B.A.P Fans

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Fans of some KPOP artists have been known for following the new trend of donating money to charity on their favorite idol’s birthday and B.A.P’s fandom are no exception!


Recently B.A.P’s fans donated money to a charity which provides shelter to kids with hearing impairment as reported by an spokesperson for Love Snails on February 3, 2016. As Jongup’s birthday is on the upcoming February 6,2016. The B.A.P Fan club ‘Baby’ offered a sum of 1.6 million won (Approximately $1275) to the charity to celebrate his upcoming birthday. One member from the fan club stated that “It is impossible to decide on the amount of money one should donate to this kids. As their sufferings are unlimited. But we wanted to offer some hope and love to these kids who go through so much of pain with our small gift to them”.

Further more they stated that they want the kids to feel a little better and be able to hear all kinds of sounds that is present in the world, the voice of their family members and perhaps the pleasant sound of the music some day.

This is not the first time B.A.P’s fans have been mentioned in the news for doing charity work. Both the B.A.P Artists as well as their fans have been doing several donations and charity works for quite sometime now. In fact during the time when B.A.P debuted in 2013 they kept special donation box in their concert so their fans can make donation. Again in 2013 B.A.P made donations to UNICEF under their fan’s name and their fans are thus follow their footsteps in doing charity works constantly.

This is definitely a very special group and fandom!

In another news, B.A.P has Released their comeback teasers for their B.A.P carnival comeback and fans are excitedly waiting for that.



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