Joo Won Chooses Last Project Prior To Enlistment

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In another enlistment news, we have the dynamic actor Joo Won on the list. But amidst the sad news, we have what you could say, a silver lining as we will be seeing the actor in another drama. The actor confirms his last project with his casting in the upcoming drama “My Sassy Girl” before sailing off for the next 2 years.

Yes, you read it right! The popular movie “My Sassy Girl” will be remade into a drama. Reports, however revealed that there will be some drastic changes in the characters as the drama version will be Saeguk or historical version. This is raising quite many eyebrows although no definite plot has been revealed as of now. Joo Won is set to play the male lead in the drama, no news about the leading lady is revealed so far.

“My Sassy Girl” falls under the classic Korean rom-com category of movies. It is probably one of the most watched and loved movie in the history of Korean movies. The story revolves around a campus romance between a cute, shy guy and a outgoing cheerful girl. The movie portrays the pure love between the two. It will be interesting to see how they mold the story in the Saeguk version.

Joo Won’s last Korean project was “Young Pal” in 2015 which marks about 5 months since he was last seen in a drama. His agency, Sim Entertainment released a statement stating that this drama will be his last project before his mandatory enlistment. They also reveal that Joo Won has not been summoned as of yet but fans should prepare themselves to bid a temporary goodbye to the actor later this year.

No wonder this news brought mix feelings to the fans. They are happy to see the actor back in Kdrama land but at the same time sad with the news of his last drama for the next coming two years.

This drama will be another addition to the pre-produced drama and plans to broadcast at the same time in Korea, China and Japan. This drama will go into production in July.

Are you excited to see the drama version of “My Sassy Girl”?


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