July Comebacks You Shouldn’t Miss!



Even though almost half of the year has gone by, 2016 has been a sterling year for the land of KPOP and everything in it. From bringing back 1st tier kpop groups with their concerts, to the new establishment of super rookies – this year has been living it up.

So we have assembled a quick list of amazing July comebacks that you simply shouldn’t miss:

  • ASTRO’s Breathless – This newbie boygroup from Fatagio Entertainment has left us all quite impressed with it’s fresh music and refreshing tones. They were one of the contestants for the title of ‘Super Rookies’ as they blew up the internet with their last hit ‘Hide & Seek’. Check out their comeback MV below!
  • Leeteuk, Suho, Kassy, Cho Yeong-Su’s My Hero – This song released by S.M Entertainment combined some of the agency’s best singers under one umbrella to celebrate all heroes in korea. The song is a touching message to give respect to those who excel in several fields, and might feel forgotten by the masses sometimes. A sweet ballad, it hits the right spot between nostalgia and ecstasy
  • BEAST’S Butterfly/Ribbon – It is clearly a 2016 thing to release double-title tracks while promoting for an album and veteran idol group BEAST has shown that they can definitely play like their juniors. The sweet ballad was composed by BEAST’s rapper Junhyung who has definitely displayed his mastery in well strung poetry and composition. Check out their comeback below!
  • Seventeen’s Very Nice – This 13 member group from Pledis Entertainment hasn’t let it’s audience forget it for too long. Infamous for being the super rookies of 2015, they’ve come back twice already this year. ‘Very Nice’ is part of their Love&Letter repackage album that showcases the youth of these boys in a fun RnB and funk genre.
  • NCT 127’s Fire Truck – They say in the land of kpop, a fangirl must never sleep. This is quite true in the case of ever-changing SM’s new boygroup NCT. After the grand success of NCT U, the neo-cultural technology group has come back with a new set of members under the banner of NCT 127. This time they play up the music scene with wild hip-hop music that is definitely not considered generic. Remember these boys,ladies, they are going to create some big waves in the music industry and that is definitely not because of their company’s reputation alone. Check out the bizzare video below!
  • Eric Nam’s Can”t Help Myself (ft. Loco) – This one, though not yet released, has been raising a lot of expectations. Nobody needs to be told that Eric Nam is the god of sweet ballads and he’s one of the few solo idols who’s managed to pull off the kpop career for a while now. All of this comes from his sweet sweet vocals, not to mention his funny charms on variety shows. Regardless, we are waiting eagerly for his song which will be released July 14th.{kpop-india}July Comebacks You Shouldn’t Miss!CnHzKVzVMAAPxOI

Though we’ve barely covered half of the month, we’ve definitely accumulated some gems from the music industry. We can’t wait for more amazing stuff, are you excited?


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