JYJ Jaejoong prepares a special present for fans for his upcoming birthday!!!

Jaejoong to pre- release a track from his upcoming album!!

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As a special present for his fans on his upcoming birthday, JYJ Jaejoong will be pre- releasing a track from his album scheduled for a February release.

Since Jaejoong is currently away fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment duties, he prepared this special gift before enlisting amidst his tight schedule as announced by his agency C-JeS Entertainment. Since the announcement, fans who have been deeply missing idol have been welcoming the news on their official facebook and instagram.

The song titled “Do you Understand It” will be a pop track describing the emotional turmoil of a guy in love. As this is a special gift from Jaejoong to the fans, the track will be released at midnight of January 26th, Jaejoong’s birthday. The pre-orders for his album will begin the same day.

Jaejoong’s album will be released on February 12th. The full length album will contain 12 tracks comprising of genres like hard rock, ballad, British pop, blues etc. Jaejoong took almost 6 months to complete this album as he worked diligently on the tracks, self composing two tracks and participated in writing the lyrics for 9 tracks. The album also includes songs from foreign composers.

Considering Jaejoong’s immense vocal potential fans are excitingly looking forward for this upcoming album that showcases his talents as a true musician yet again. As a commemoration for his birthday Jaejoong is releasing a track from his upcoming album out of the deep love for his fans.

We must say this surely came as a pleasant surprise as we await his album release!!!


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