JYJ Junsu 4th Asian Tour comes to an end in Taiwan

JYJ Junsu adds yet another successful Asian Tour to his kitty!!


The fourth Asian Tour of JYJ Junsu came to an end on December 4,at Nangang Exhibition Center,Taipei with fans screaming for more.

The tour that kicked off on October 25 at Yokohama,Japan came to an end in Taipei,Taiwan which was the last stop of the tour. Junsu who had embarked on a journey of meeting his fans,received an overwhelming response with more than 40,000 screaming fans who had come to see the idol. Not Surprising though as the guy is definitely a rage in the KPOP world.


Junsu opened the concert with his track,”Out of Control” and went on to sing other songs.He greeted the fans in Chinese and had a hearty talk with the fans stating that he really likes Taiwanese cuisine and has been eating endlessly since the day he arrived.

JYJ official facebook page (JYJ Official FB) later updated video with a message – “Thank you, Taiwan. The Asia tour has finally finished. Once again, thank you so much for your care and support. More than happy to see you all!” Junsu met 80,000 fans via his Asian Tour demonstrating his popularity hands down.

Check out the pictures and video from the Taiwan Concert below. Pictures and Video Credit- ET Idol


The 28 year old singer, who celebrates his birthday in a few days had recently released his solo mini album-‘Yesterday’ . Currently Junsu is promoting solo as his fellow JYJ members, Jaejoong and Yoochun are currently serving in the army.

‘Yesterday’ is also the title track of the mini-album and is full of emotions and Junsu’s power vocals. Also, did we tell you there is an Indian connection to the album? Junsu has earlier stated that his favorite track from the album is “Silk Road” as he had fun composing it. His favorite track entails humorous lyrics featuring Indian traditional instrument Sitar. Isn’t that cool!!


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