5 K-Drama Second Leads We Just Can’t Forget


Anyone who watches a K-Drama knows the importance of second lead in it. The second leads in any k-drama are just a bunch of caring, loving and emotional sweethearts who are willing to do anything for the lead, even if they fully well know that they don’t have a chance. Seeing them sad brings out the inner K-Drama fangirl out of us and a piece of our heart which is reserved only for them. Let’s take a look on some of the most famous second leads who will always be on the top for us.

Kong Tae-Gwang(School 2015) – Everyone found what they were looking for, except for our puppy.
Kpop India

Chilbongi(Reply 1994) – No matter how hard you try,there are always chances of getting “Chilbonged”
Kpop India

Choi Young Do(Heirs) – The endless smoldering gazes seem to against his favor here
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Yoon Ji Hoo(Boys Over Flowers) – The one who started the second-lead syndrome
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Jung Hwan(Reply 1988) – Things don’t work if you always keep waiting for the right moment
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Last but not the least,

BONUS: Shin Se-Gi(Kill me,Heal me) – Its impossible to forget you.
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