K.Will Visits Cosmic Girls at INKIGAYO Debut Stage

Labelmate K.Will cheers on the Cosmic Girls at their INKIGAYO debut stage


Soon after SISTAR’s Bora cheering on the Cosmic Girls at their debut stage, it seems like label mate K.Will attended the group’s Inkigayo debut showcase.

The Cosmic Girls took to their official SNS (Instagram: @wjsn_cosmic) to express their gratitude to their senior labelmate and posted a picture with K.Will captioned –

K.will’s surprise visit to WJSN’s INGIGAYO Debut Stage !! It cheered us up to make better performance! 😊 We were so glad to see you at broadcasting station! Thank you, K.will! 😆 ‪#‎WJSN‬ ‪#‎Seol_A‬ ‪#‎MoMoMo‬
바쁘신데도 저희 인기가요 데뷔무대에 깜짝 응원 와주신 케이윌선배님!! 선배님의 기운을 받아 더 열심히 그리고 더 예쁘게 무대 할 수 있었어요!😊 방송국에서 뵈니까 더 신기했어요! 선배님 감사합니다!😆 ‪#‎우주소녀‬ ‪#‎설아‬ ‪#‎모모모‬”

The Cosmic Girls who debuted with the upbeat pop song “MO MO MO” look super happy and excited as they wrap up their final schedule for their debut week!

How are you liking their debut concept so far? Are you excited for their second MV for “Catch Me”? The burning question – have you picked a bias yet?

Stay tuned for more!


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